Saturday, September 30, 2023
* 9:00 am Uncatalogued items will sell
* 12:00 pm Cataloged items will sell
*Remainder of uncatalogued item will see after catalog is complete

Farr Building * Hamilton County Fairgrounds * 310 A St. Aurora, NE 68818 * Lunch Stand * Indoors

AUCTIONEERS NOTE: Please come prepared for a large offering of items including ammo, gun related items, military items and memorabilia, and high quality firearms.



Aero Precision: M5 Cal Multi Trijicon Scope; X15 223-5.56

Remington: 25 All Brass Shotshells Full Box; 25 Rem. w/ Full Box of Vintage Ammo; 700 .270 Win Leupold Scope Soft Case

Ruger: 3 Screw 41 Cal Mag 4 5/8BBL; American Bolt Action .22 W/ Hunter Amer. Stk; American Rem Fire .22; Single 6 .22 Cal 2 Cyl. 9.5” BBL

S&W M&P9 9mm 4” Threaded barrel Spare Mag; MP 15-22 .22LR

Savage: 99 .303 Cal Take Down Lever Action; 99 250-3000 Lever Action Take Down; Mod 110 .308 Bolt Action Left Handed; Mod. 99E .308 Win. Lever Action; Mod.1899 .22 H.P Take down

Sig Sauer 1911 Tacops 45 Auto; P365 9MM Spare Mag

Stag Mod 15 Cal Multi AR 15; Mod 15. Cal Multi Leupold 3HD Scope W/Mag; Stag10AR26 w/ Sig Sauer Tango 6 Scope

Winchester: 1892 25-20 WCF Lever Action; Mod. 90 .22 Short Oct. BBL; Mod. 94 30/30 Win. Lever Action; SXP Pump Defender 12GA

Other Firearms: Western Super X 12 GA. Long Range Load; Stevens Hi Power Mod 425 25 REM Soft Point; Rise Armament Watchman Wylde Black AR15 BLK; Alexander Arms 6.5 Grendel Sig Sauer Scope; Beneli M1 Pump 12GA 3” BBL; Beretta A400 Xcel 12ga Auto Hard Case & Soft Case; Browning Mod. 78 30.06 Oct. BBL; Colt 38 WCF; HK 45 C .45ACP Spare Mag; Kimber Pro Carry II .45 ACP; Marlin Arms 27-S 25/20 Cal.; Mosberg Int. 715T .22 Cal Long Only; Mosin Negant  M91 7.62x54R; Mossberg 500 12ga Pump w/Soft Case; Palmetto PA-15 Multi AR 15 Magpul Stock; Peters 12 GA 2 3/4 In. Vintage Shot Shell Box; PW Arms 7.62 X 54 R  Mod. 96/30 Military Style


Ammo: 7.65X39; 500 rds CCI Mini Mag HP; Blazer 45 ACP; Federal 9MM; 22 LR; 32 Auto; 30 Carbine; 22 WMR HP; 28 Ga.; 12 Ga.; 22 Short; 410 Ga. 3”; 6.5 Creedmore; 40 S&W; 357 Mag.; 44 Special; 22 LR Target; 7.6X35; 450 Bushmaster; 22 LR Rem. Thunderbolt; 20 Ga.; 10 Ga. Steel Shot Shells; 7.62X39;

Gun Accessories & Knives: AR15 30 Rd Mags; Rifle Scopes, Scope Rings, Scope Bases, Scope Caps; AK Mags; Pistol Holsters; SKS Mags; 30 Carb Mag; Assorted Knives; Long Gun Hard Cases; Long Gun Soft Cases; Misc. Duck & Goose Calls; Assorted Choke tubes; Blind Bags; Bennelli hard case; HKS pistol reload holster; Myers Western gun belt & holster; reloading items; shot; powder; empty shotgun shells;

Military Items- Spam Cans; Large Artillery blanks; bunker gear; military suits; parachute jumper suits; military bags and pouches; Wooden ammo crates; Steel ammo cans; gas masks; night vision sites; trench tools; large offering of Japanese training posters; Uniforms; Large offering of Wooden Ammo boxes- includes various types and gauges- Peters, Winchesters, Remington, Red Head, Western Savage, Arrow,

All Purchasers of Firearms must have a Nebraska Firearms Purchase Permit or FFL.

No Online bidding

Tom & Casey Cornwell, Clint Mickey
Dan Muirhead


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