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Friday, April 7, 2023 | Doors open at 12:00pm | 2:00pm Catalogued Live & Online Items

Saturday, April 8, 2023| 9:00am Uncatalogued items |
11:00am Remaining Catalogued Live & Online Items

Hamilton County Fairgrounds * Farr Building *
310 A Street Aurora, NE 68818 * Lunch Stand * Indoor

Auctioneers Note: More items of this quality to follow in upcoming auctions!

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Beretta: Model 21 22LR; CAI M71 22LR; Navy Arms 1951E 9mm

Chinese: 177 Airgun AK Style; China/Navy Arms SKS “Farmer” 7.62x39mm; Chinese 75 Round AK Drum; Chinese Air Rifle; Chinese B-17 Training Poster; Chinese Blasting Machine; Chinese Claymore Mine-INERT; Chinese Cockpit Training Poster; Chinese Jet Model made from spent cases; Chinese Military Night Scope with case and manual; Chinese Mosquito Training/Identification Poster; Chinese SKS 26 Arsenal Code 7.62×39; Chinese SKS Gear Collection; Chinese SKS with Russian Stock 7.62×39; Chinese Tank Training Poster; Chinese Type 85 Night Vision Googles; Chinese/KFS SKS 7.62×39; Chinese/SWS Type 53 7.62x54r; Type 66 Chinese Claymore with Manual and Gernade

CZ: 27 Late War 32ACP; CZ/CAI VZ24 8mm; CZ52 Pistol 7.62×25

Czech: 7.62x54r Blanks; 7.62x54r Short range training ammo; Camo Set; Helmet and 3 ammo pouches; Officers Hat; Sniper Trench Periscope; vz58 Magazine Pouch; Czech/CAI M82 9mm Makarov; Czech/PAC VZ70 32 ACP

East German :40 Round AK magazines in pouch; 5.45×39 Magazine Set; AK 74 Magazine kit with magazines; AK 74 Magazine Set 4 mags; AK Magazines in Wrap; Bayonet Trainer; Duffel Bag, Soviet Tank top and holster; Shelter Half and Shovel; East Germany/CAI Makarov 9mm Makarov

Eygpt: Navy Arms Helwan 9mm

FEG/Romanian: M74 Pistol 32 ACP

Glock: 33 Round Magazines; 50 round Drum magazine; 50 Round Drum Magazines

HK Drum for MG3 Machine Gun; Magazine for MG3; magazine for MG3

Hungarian: AKM Magazine Set; AMD 65 Mag Set; AMD 65 Magazine Set; PKM assault Can 100 round; Hungary/GP Trading PA-63 9mm Mak

Italian: Replica 36 Cal 1851

Iver Johnson: Champion 20 Gauge; DA Revolver 32 S&W

Japanese: Type 38 RIfle 6.5mm Japanese; Last Ditch Japanese Type 99

Mauser: CAI BOLO 30 Mauser; Interarms M93 7mm

Norinco: Casco Type 59 Makarov 9mm Mak; IAC Chinese JW-14 22LR Training Rifle; Interarms ATD 22LR; NAC KKW 22LR Sniper Trainer

Polish: 5.45mm Mag Set; Poland 22LR Training Rifle; AK Magazine Set 7.62×39 Clear; AK Magazine Set with 3 30 round magazines; Demolition Kit with accessories and wire; NSP2 Night Scope; Training 177 Caliber air gun with case; Trench Periscope

Remington: 11-48 20 gauge; 17 20 gauge; 1903A3 Springfield 30-06; 31 20 Gauge; 31L 20 Gauge; 700 AAC-SD 308; 742 30-06 With Scope; 870 Police Magnum 12 gauge; 870 Riot Gun with Factory Stock 12Ga; Nylon 10C 22LR; Rolling Block 45-70

Romanian: 5.45mm AK Magazine Pouch; 7.62x54r Tracer Ammo RARE; 8mm Mauser Ammo Tin; IOR Sniper/trench periscope; Secret Police Magazine Set; CAI M44 Carbine 7.62x54r; Sealed Case of Romanian 8mm Mauser

Russia: M91-30 7.62x54r with bayonet; CAI 91/30 Rifle 7.62x54r; CAI M38 Mosin Carbine 7.62x54r; CAI M91 Mosin Nagant 7.62x54r; CAI Mosin Nagant 91-30 7.62x54r; CAI Nagant Revolver 7.62x38R; 5.45×39 Ammo Tin; 7.62×39 Ammo Tin; 7×40 Binoculars; 91/30 Mosin Nagant 7.62x54r; Ammo Tank; Russian Belt, Camo Pants, ammo pouch and Hat; Russian Capture K98 Century Import 8mm; Russian Chest RIg with lot of US pouches; Russian Helmet and Magazine Pouch with pack; Russian Ishvesk 91-30 7.62x54r; Russian Kit; Russian Rifle Case and ammo Pouch, with other kit; Russian Tin of 7.62x54r ammo; Russian Trench Periscope; Russian Vest for SVD Magazines; Russian/CAI 7.62X39; Russian/CAI Mosin Nagant 7.62x54r; MIlitary lot with backpack and Russian Hat

SIG: Mosquito -threaded barrel 22LR; P225 Made in Switzerland Rare 9mm; P226 Tactical 9mm; Sauer 22 Conversion for Sig P226

Smith & Wesson: 3000 12ga; 52-1 38 Special

South African: 5.56×45 Battle Pack; 5.56x45mm Battle Pack; 7.62×39 Battle Pack; 7.62×51 Nato 460 rounds; Battle Pack of 7.62×51

Soviet: 7.62x54r Tin; Air Force Hat; Amphibious Vehicle Model 1:20 Scale; CAI M44 Mosin 7.62x54r; Tin of Soviet 7.62x54r 440 Rounds

Spanish: 1893 Mauser 7×57

Swedish: Practice 9mm Ammo 432 rounds; Practice 9mm ammo Case; Short Range 9mm Ammo 864 Rounds

Swiss: Backpack with Kit; Schmidt Rubin 1889 7.5mm; CAI K31 7.5×55

Tokerov: Holster, Frog Pattern Jumpsuit, Grd. Pouch; Holster with Polish Pilot Jacket

Turkish 8mm Mauser Ammo 109 Rounds

US: 81mm Mortor Ammo Can; US Blasting Set with Claymore Mine; US issue TVS2 Nighscope for M2 50 Cal; US military Compression Sleeping Bag; US Military E Tool; USSR/CAI TOZ17 22LR; M16 Pouches and US military load bearing vest

Vietnamese: “Killer of Americans” Banner; Vietnamese and East German Banner Lot

Walther: 4×32 Scope with Lense Caps; G22 Rifle 22LR; P22 Green 22LR; Walther/PW Arms P5 9mm

Wards Westernfield Mod 36 20ga Pump

Winchester: 1897 Shotgun, cut down 12 Gauge; 62 22LR Pump Rifle; Model 12 20 Gauge; Model 12 20 Gauge; Model 1912 12ga

Yugo: M76 Magazine Pouch, Canteen, Polish Jacket; Yugo/CAI SKS 7.62×39; Yugo/PW Arms M70 32 ACP

Yugoslavia: IAI SKS M59/66 7.62×39; Yugoslavia/Ohio Ordnance SKS M59-66 7.62X39; Yugoslavian Gas Mask

Ammo & Other Firearms Related Items

10 military pouches and chest rig; 10x-East German 7.62×39 Short Range; 10x-East German Short Range 7.62×39 Ammo; 10x-Romanian 8mm Mauser ammo; 10x-South African 7.62×39 Ammo; 11x-7.62×39 SKS stripper clips with ammo; 11x-Russian 9mm Steel case; 12x-Magtech 20 gauge shotshells; 13X-Chinese 7.62×39 ammo; 13x-Soviet Vostok 22 LR ammo; 16x- 7.62x54r M39 Training ammo; 2 AC Unity AK Magazines; 2 Czech Shoulder Holsters; 2 Helmets and one NVA Pith Helmet; 2 Italian Replica Black Powder Revolvers; 2 Mosin Ammo Pouches and Camo Jumpsuit; 2 Polish Rubber Training Pistols; 2 Romanian 40 round AK Magazines; 2 Russian Holsters; 20x-Bulgarian FMJ surplus 7.62×39; 220 Rounds of 7.62x54r on Maxim Belt in Ammo Can; 25x-Wolf 223 Rem; 26x-Wolf 223 ammo Steel Case HP; 2x- 7.62×39 Tracer Ammo; 2x- Military sleeping mats; 2x-19 Round Magazines for Panzer Shotgun; 2x-20 round boxes of 303 British; 2x-22-250 Remington PPU Ammo; 2x-7.62x54r Ammo; 2x-9mm Largo Ammo; 2x-German Plasic 9mm Training ammo; 2x-German Style Ammo Cans; 2x-Hornady Frontier 30-06 ammo; 2x-Panzer arms 10 round magazines; 2x-Panzer Arms 12ga 10 round Magazines; 2x-Remington UMC 147 Grain Subsonic 9mm; 2x-Sig P226 20 Round Magazines; 2x-Sovet Tanker Helmets; 2x-Soviet Era Helmets; 2x-Swedish 9mm Training ammo Battle Packs; 3 AK Magazine pouches and Russian hat; 3 Soviet Tropical Hats; 300 Rounds of South African 5.56×45; 303 British Tracer Ammunition 47 Rounds; 320 Rounds of 7.62x54r ammo in wooden crate; 340 Rounds of Chinese 762X39; 3x-20 Round bags of 7.62x45mm; 3x-30 round AK Magazines; 3x-30 Round Boxes of Guatemalan 5.56; 3x-30 Round Boxes of Guatemalan 5.56 ammo; 3x-30 Round Boxes of Guatemalan 5.56 ammo; 3x-30 round boxes of Guatemalan 5.56x45mm; 3x-500 Round Bricks of 22 Super Colibri; 3x-500 round bricks of Russian Vostok Target Ammo; 3x-7.5 French Ammo Algerian Surplus; 3x-7mm Mauser 20 round boxes; 3x-Com Block Shovels; 3x-Glock 17 33 round magazines; 3x-South African Short Range 7.62 Nato; 3x-Swedish 9mm m39 ammo; 3X-Western 38 Special Super Match; 4 different Plastic AK Magazines; 4 Gas Masks with filters; 4 Mosin Nagant Pouches; 44 Special Ammo-partial; 4X- Bosnian 40 Round AK Magazines; 4X- Four boxes of Wolf 45 Auto Ammo; 4x-30 Round AK Mags; 4x-Bosnian 40 round AK Magazines; 4x-Bosnian AK Magazines; 4x-Bulgarian 40 round Ak Magazines; 4x-DP 28 Pan Magazines; 4x-Glock 9mm Magazines; 4x-Remington 124gr 9mm; 4X-South African Training 7.62×51; 5 First Aid Kits; 5.45×39 Bulgarian Ammo Tin; 5.56x45mm Russian Ammo in Mig 15 Mug; 51 Rounds of Surplus 5.56; 5x-Cold Weather MRE’s; 5x-Frontier 45 Auto Hollow Point; 5x-Romanian 8mm Mauser ammo; 6.5×55 Swedish Mauser Ammo; 6.5x55mm Swedish Battle Pack; 6x-6.5x55mm Swedish Ammo; 6x-Czech 7.62x54r Blank Ammo; 6x-Czech 7.62x54r blanks; 6x-Czech 7.62x54r blanks; 6x-JMS 7.62x54r Ammo; 6x-Russian Match Grade 7.62x54R; 6x-South African 7.62 Nato Ammo; 7.62x54r US made 390 Rounds; 7x- Wolf 223 Ammo; 7X-Romanian 7.62×25 ammo; 8x Yugo 8mm ammo; 8x-7.62x38r Nagant Revolver Ammo; 8x-7.62x54r M39 Practice Ammo; 8x-South African 7.62×39; 8x-South African 7.62×51 Ammo; 9x-20 Boxes of Czech 7.62X54r; 9x-East German Blister Packs of 7.62×39; 9x-Norinco 7.62×25 Ammo; AK 47 Display Stand; AK 47 Rubber Duck Training Rifle; AK Display Stand; AK Pouch Belt; AK Training Kit; AKM Poster in Arabic; Albania/TGI SKS 7.62×39; Albanian SKS Ammo Pouch; Ammo Pouch, Haversack, and Hungarian Hat; AMT Hardballer Complete Slide, barrel, magazine; Assault Vest with US M9 Shoulder Holster; ATM/Century Milled AK Model 1960 7.62×39; Australian 7.62×51 Can; Australian 7.62×51 Can; Baikal Makarov Air Pistol; Battlepack of South African 7.62×39 FMJ; Vector Octics 6-24×50 30mm Tube Long Range Scope; VZ52 Rifle 7.62x45mm; Wise Lite Arms DP-28 7.62x54r; ZSU-23 Model; BMP 1 Model 1:35 Scale; Boots, 2 AK mag pouches and suspenders; Bosnian 30 Round AK Magazines; Box of Canteens; Box of Life Raft Rations; Browning Buck Mark 22LR; BSA/Fed Ord Enfield No 1 MK3 303 Brit; Bulgarian Sealed Tin of 7.62X54R Ammo; Bulgarian Tin of 7.62x54r Ammunition; Camo Jumpsuit, AK pouch and Tarp; Camoflage uniform lot with Soviet Flag; Can of 7.62 Nato Ammo; Century VZ2000 7.62×39; Charter Arms Bulldog 44 Special; Chiappa Charles Daly Honcho 12 gauge; Cimarron Plinkerton 22LR; Civil Defense Geiger Counter High School Kit; Colt 1903 32 ACP; Complete Set on Polish AK magazines; DAY #2 STARTS AT LOT #201 SAT APRIL 8th; DDI Knoxville KY Underfolder AK on a Hungarian Kit; Dutch Beaumont Rifle 1875 11MM; Finnish CAI M91 7.62x54R; Finnish/CAI M39 7.62x54R; French MAC Model 35S 7.65 French Long; Hege Waffen West Germany AP 66 9mm Browning Short; Helmet with misc. pouches; Ithaca NID 20GA; Tula 5.56×45 on Stripper clips; RWS Diana 45 Airgun 177 CAL; Sauer 38 7.65 32 ACP; Savage Model 12 Accu Trigger 22-250; Sears Mod 42-103 .22LR Weaver Scope Bolt Action; KCI Glock Magazines 17 rounds; Khyber Pass Enfield Counterfeit 303 Brit?; Leather Leg O Mutton Shotgun Case; Life Raft First Aid Kit; Luger RTB import Pistol 9mm East German; M9A1 Gas Mask; Marlin Camp Carbine 45ACP; MItchell Arms Citation II 22LR; Mossberg 590 Shockwave 12ga; Night Vision Monocular; Izhmash/RAA Saiga 12 12ga; Radom/TG P64 9mm Makarov; RARE 7.62x54r Russian SNIPER ammo Full Case; RARE East German Marked? M44 Mosin Nagant 7.62×54; RARE Yugoslavian M59 SKS 7.62×39; NSP 2 Com Block Night Scope; Olympic Arms Whitney Wolverine 22LR; Panzer Arms Bp-12 12 Gauge; Springfield Armory 1898 30-40 Krag; Stevens 235 12 Gauge; Steyr M1886 Kropachek Rifle 8mm; Surefire M952v-TN Flashlight; Tactical Mitigations 45 rd Drum Magazine for G22; Tasco Night Watch Binoculars; Thames Arms Revolver 32 S&W, Action not working; TNW M31 9mm Suomi; Reproduction Broomhandle Stock with Carrier; Simmons LaserMag Rangefinder

Uncatalogued Items Include
Vintage Powder Cans-Empty; Brass for Misc. calibers of Bullets; Assorted lead bullets; vintage animal traps; Military Spam Cans-Empty; Vintage ammo boxes- mostly 22 cal. As well as shotgun boxes; Outters blue rock thrower; Wooden Military Ammo boxes-5.45, 7.60- boxes only; Ammo belt boxes- metal cans; Cardboard shooting targets; Road Closed Range Firing Wooden Sign; Empty Primer Boxes; Military Helmets; Camo Jumper Suits; Military Gun Cases; Ammo Belts; Military pouches; Magazine pouches; Slings; Canteens; 25 MM Bradley Rounds; Large Variety of Military and related items.

All Purchasers of Firearms must have a Nebraska Firearms Purchase Permit or FFL.

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