Larry W. Stolzer Estate & Kenneth L. Liess Estate
Firearm and Ammo Auction

Fri, December 9th, 2022 Ammo Selling 3:00pm-8:00pm

Sat. December 10th, 2022 Non-Catalog/Misc Items 9:00am, Cataloged Items to Follow 

Farr Building, Hamilton County Fairgrounds  310 A Street Aurora, NE 68818

Lunch Stand Friday & Saturday * Indoors *

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Dec 9 Ammo

Gun Powder: 1 LB. Hodgdon: H110; HP-38; H414; H4895; 1 LB Alliant Powder:  Red Do; Unique; Enduron Technologies:1 LB. IMR 7977;1 LB Accurate: 2230; 2460

Safes & Gun Related Items : Cannon &  Liberty Safe; Soft & Hard Gun Cases; Gun Related Items; Clips; Magazines; Vintage Remington Display Poster; Vintage Ammo & Ammo Boxes; Reloading Supplies

Ammo Brands Include: 3 Lees Co.; Activ; Aguila; American Eagle; Armscor; Black Hills; Blazer Ammunition; Blazer Brass; BPS; Brown Bear; Browning; CCI; Centerfire Ammunition; CI; Colt; Crossman; Custom Loaded; Daisy; Enforcer; Federal; Fiocchi; Fusion; Gamo; Hansen Cartridge Co.; Herter’s; Hornady; HotShot; Independence; LaPau; Magtech; Make Your Mark Munitions; Monarch; Norinco; Olin; Perfecta; Pistol Pete’s; PMC; PPU; PrairieLand; ProAmm; PRVI Partizan; RAM; Reloads; Remington; Rifle Line; Sellier & Bellot; Sierra; Sig Sauer; Silver Bear; SME; Tulammo; Union Metallic Cartridge Co.; Winchester; Wolf; ZQI;

Caliber of Ammo: .177 Flat Lead Pellet; Hollow Point Lead Pellet; .22 Long Rifle; Long Rifle AutoMatch; Long Rifle Copper Plated Hollow Point; Long Rifle Golden Bullet; Long Rifle Silvertip; Long Rifle Standard Velocity;  Long Rifle Super Extra;  Long Rifle Super Extra Standard Velocity;  Long Rifle Super X;  Magnum;  Magnum Nickel;  Super Extra;  Super Extra Hollow Point;  WIN MAG;  WIN MAG Super X;  WMR Maxi Mag; Soft Point Bullets; Varmint Soft Point Bullets; V-Max  with Cannelure Bullets;  V-Max Bullets; Long Rifle AutoMatch; Long Rifle Golden Bullet; Long Rifle High Velocity; Long Rifle High Velocity American Eagle; Long Rifle High Velocity Limited Edition; Long Rifle HP Mini-Mag; Long Rifle HV HP; Long Rifle HV Match; Long Rifle Hyper Velocity; Long Rifle Mini-Mag; Long Rifle Power Point; Long Rifle Quiet-22; Long Rifle Shotshell Pest Control; Long Rifle Small Game; Long Rifle Standard Velocity; Long Rifle Stinger; Long Rifle Super Extra High Velocity; Long Rifle Super Speed; Long Rifle Super Speed HP; Long Rifle Super X High Velocity; Long Rifle Target; Long Rifle Thunderbolt; Long Rifle Varmint; Long Rifle Wildcat Target & Plinking; Long Rifle Wildcat High Velocity; Long Rifle WMR HP Maxi Mag; Long Rifle WMR Maxi Mag; MAG; Mag V-Max; Magnum; TCM; TCM Pistol; WIN MAG Polymer Tip; WIN MAG Silver Eagle; WIN MAG Varmint & Small Game; WIN Mag Varmint HV; WIN Magnum; Winchester Magnum ; WMR HP Maxi-Mag; WMR HP+V Maxi-Mag; WMR Maxi-Mag; WMR TNT Green; WMR V-MAX Polymer Tip;Maxi Mag 22 Winchester Magnum; Small Pistol for Magnum Pistol Loads; Small Pistol for Standard Pistol Loads; Small Pistol Primers NO. 500; Small Rifle Loads; .223 REM Full Metal Jacket; REM American Eagle; REM International Select Grade; REM V-Max; Remington; .308 WIN;  WIN Power Shok;Speer 50 GR H414; 308 WIN or 7.62 x 51 MM (1978); WIN Power Shok; Winchester; .357 Magnum; Magnum; Magnum American Eagle; 38 Caliber FTX Bullets; .44 REM-MAG; 10 MM Auto American Eagle; Auto Blazer Ammunition; Auto Full Metal Jacket; Auto Premium Personal Defense; Auto Silvertip Super X;XTP Bullets; Magnum; Magnum High Terminal Performance; Magnum UMC; REM MAG; 12 Gauge 00 Buckshot; Buckshot Load; Dove & Quail; Dove & Small Game;  Dove/Quail Load; Duck & Pheasant; Field & Target; Pheasant; Rifled Slug HP; Super X 6 Shot Game Loads; Super X High Brass; Super X Lead Shot; Target Load; 17 HMR Varmint Express; WIN Super Mag; WIN Super Mag Polymer Tip; WIN Super Mag Polymer Tip American Eagle; 22-250 REM; REM High Velocity; 25 Caliber BTSP Bullets; GMX Bullets; InterLock Soft Point Bullets; Spitzer Bullets; Varmint Bullets; Varmint Soft Point Bullets; Caliber V-Max Bullets; 25-06; American Whitetail InterLock; Power-Lokt; REM American Whitetail; REM Core-Lokt; 270 WIN;  WIN Core-Lokt;  WIN Express Core-Lokt; WIN Power Shok;  WIN Super X ; 30 Caliber FTX Bullets;  MonoFlex Bullets; SST Bullets; V-Max Bullets; 30-06; Armor Piercing; Express Core-Lokt; Springfield; Springfield Core-Lokt; Springfield Super X Power Point; 30-30 WIN; WIN Core-Lokt; WIN Power Shok; 40 S&W American Eagle; S&W Premium Personal Defense; 45 ACP; Auto;  Auto Brass Case;  Auto Service Grade;  Auto UMC;  FTX Bullets;  Jacketed Hollow Point Bullets;  XTP Bullets;  Colt; 454 Casull; 460 S & W FTX; 460 S & W Mag; 5.56 MM; (M855) X-Tac Rifle; M193; M855 Green Tip; NATO; x 45 MM NATO;XP193; 7.62 MM; NATO; x 39 MM; x 51 MM; x 51 MM NATO; x 39 MM; 9 MM; XTP Bullets; Luger; Luger Silvertip Defense; Luger Training Ammunition; Luger UMC; NATO; x 19 MM NATO; x 19;  Others;   Large Pistol for Standard or Magnum Pistol Loads; Large Rifle For Standard Rifle Loads;


Winchester:  Mod 1200 12ga Semi Auto; Mod 67 .22 Bolt Action; Mod 12 16ga Pum 1897 16ga Pump; Mod 1873 32 Cal Lever Action; Super X Pump 12ga Home Defense; Mod 50 12ga Semi Auto; 1200 20ga Semi Auto; 1873 38 Cal Lever Action; Mod. 70 270 Win. Bushnell Scope; Lever Action 12 GA; Mod. 1890 .22 WRF Oct. BRL; Mod. 70 223 Rem. Bushnell Scope; Howa Mod.1500 223Rem. BSA Scope; 1906 .22 Short Pump; Mod. 94AE 30-30 Win. Tasco Scope; Buffalo Bill Commemorative 30-30; Mod 03 22 Cal Auto; Mod. 12 16GA. Pump; M1892 44 WCF Lever Action; 9422M .22 Win Magnum Lever Action; 1890 22 Short Pump Octagon Barrel; 1890 22 Short Pump; Mod 12 12ga Pump; 30-30 Win Golden Spike 1869-1969 w/Box; 61 .22 Cal Pump; M1890 22 RWF Octagon Barrel; 61 22 Cal Pump Weaver Scope; Mod 88 .308 Win Lever Action; M90 22 WRF;

Browning:  BLR LT .308 Win Simmons Scope;

Ruger: LC9s 9mm w/Laser Max Laser & LED Light NIB; Security Six .357 Mag w/Ammo & Case; 10-22 .22 Win Mag. R.F. Simmons Scope; Super Red Hawk .45 Colt or .454 Casull; GP100 357 Mag. 4” BRL; Target Model 22-45 MKIII 22 Cal. Org. Box; M K II .22 LR NRA Edition NIB; Mark II Target .22 LR 10″; 22/45 Lite .22 LR; 10/22 .22 LR; Stainless Pistol .22 LR NIB 1 of 5000; 10/22 .22LR 50yrs 1964-2014 NIB;  Super Red Hawk 44 Mag. Bushnell Scope; Ranch Rifle Cal. 223 w/ Tasco Scope;

Springfield Arms: 12ga Semi Auto; US Model 1878 Rifle; XDM 10mm Match 2 Mags & Case; US Rifle 30 M1; M1911-A1 45 Auto Cal.; M1922MI Cal .22 Training Rifle; Mod 1873 Trapdoor 45-70 w/Bayonet; Model of 1922 MI1 Cal 22; 7.65 MM Rifle with Scope; US Rifle Cal.30M1 Springfield Armory W/ Scope; XD5 45 ACP w/Box;

Savage: Mod 11 22-250 Rem Weaver Scope; Mod 112 22-250 Rem Bushnell Scope; .300 Savage Lever Action Weaver Scope; B/Mag. 17 Win. Super Mag.; Mod 516 .223 Rem w/Banner Scope & Ammo; Mod. 99 300 Savage Lever Action; 24V-A 30-30/20GA O/U; Mod 11 6.5 Creedmore Nikon Scope; Mod 30L-F 12ga Pump; Savage M110EL Series K 30-06 Cal.;

S&W: 45 Auto NWTF Edition w/Case; .22 LR; 357 Highway Patrolman; 10MM 6 1/2” with Speed Loader; M&P Shield 9MM Like New; MP Shield 45 Auto Orig. Box; . 22 Victory Snake Skin Graphics Original Box; M&P 380 Shield EZ NIB 380 Auto Cal.; M&P Shield 40 S&W Crimson Trace Laser; SW22 Victory .22LR w/Original Box; M&P Shield 40 S&W Crimson Trace Laser NIB; M&P 22 Compact .22 LR NIB; M&P Shield 40 S&W w/Original Box; M&P Shield 40 S&W NIB; M&P 45 Auto w/ Case; 357 Magnum Revolver; 9mm Revolver 3 1/4″ Barrel; FNH FNP-40 .40 NIB; American Derringer Corp .40 Cal. Stainless w/Box;  460 Mag. 10.5” BRL;

Remington: 1911 US Army 45 Auto; Mod. 550-I .22 Bushnell Scope; Mod. 25 25-20 Pump; Mod. 700 25-06 Rem. 8X56 Scope; Sportman 58 16 GA Semi Auto; Mod. 27 25-06 Rem. Sendero Leapers Scope; Mod. 25 32 WCF; Field Master M121 .22 S/L/LR; Wingmaster M870 28 Ga.; 1100 16 Ga. 2 3/4″ Classic Field; Mod 581 .22 Bolt Action Single Shot; Sportster 12ga Parts Gun; Gamemaster Mod 760 30-06 SPRG; Field Master 572 .22 Cal Pump; Gallery Special .22 Short Pump; M700 LH 30-06; M550I 22 Cal.; Mod 17 20 ga Full Choke 1928; Express 12ga Syn Full Camo Pump NIB; 12-CS 22 Rem Special Pump;

Colt: 38 Rimless Smokeless; 1903 Hammerless 32 ACP Type 3; PT 22 Cal Rifle Pump Action; Govt Model .45 Auto NIB; The Woodsman .22 LR w/Original Box; D.A. 45 US Army Model 1917 w/US Holster; Scout .22 Cal Gold Spike Commemorative NIB; 32-20 WCF Revolver;

Hi Standard: Dura Matic .22 LR; Model C9 9mm Luger w/Ammo & Case; Mod. 1095 10MM Auto; Dura/Matic .22; Mod. JHP 45 ACP 3 Mags; HD Military .22LR 4 1/2”; Double-9 .22 As is; Auto Target Pistol Mod. B .22; Double- Nine .22 Cal. Original Box; H-D Military .22 LR w/Original Box; Olympic 22 Short; SuperMatic .22 LR; Supermatic Citation Mod. I06 Military; Mod 995 9mm x 19 Red Dot Sight; Sport King .22 LR Pistol; USA Model H-D .22 Cal; “Super Matic” “Citation” .22 LR; Mod 104 Super Matic Citation 22 LR; Mod B 22 Cal Pistol; Mod GB 22 LR Pistol; 36 Cal Revolver & Bowie Knife Set; Mod B .22 Cal; Victor .22 LR;

Mossberg: 835 Ulti Mag 12ga Pump; 715T .22LR Only; Patriot 25-06 W/ Scope Like New; 20ga Cruiser Home Defense NIB; 500A 12ga Home Defense Pump;

Stevens: Mod. 110E 30-06 Bushnell Scope; M320 12Ga. Pump;

Marlin: Mod 57 .22 Mag Lever Action Bushnell Scope; 30/30 Mod. 336SS BSA Scope; Mod. 983T 22 Win Mag Rimfire Only; XL7S 25-06 Rem. Tasco Scope & Ammo;

Beretta:   BU9 Nano 9mm Para Laser Sight; Cal. 9mm 1942 Pistol w/Holster;

H&R:  Mod. 904 .22LR w/ Ammo; US Rifle Cal 30 M1; Nebraska Cent. 1867-1967 22 Cal w/Case;  32 Cal Revolver As Is 3″; Topper M158 410 Ga. Full Choke;

Ithaca:  M 1911 US Army 45 Auto; X5 Lightning 22 LR; X5 Lightning .22 Bolt Action;  Mod 37 16ga Pump;  Mod 37 Featherweight Magnum 20 ga Pump; Mod 37 16ga Pump Featherlight;  M1911AI US Army 45 Auto;

Thompson Center Arms:  Auto Ordin. 45; Venture 223 Rem. BSA Scope;

Taurus: 357Mag. 12”;  Mill. PT111 Pro 9MM W/ Case; PT1911 45ACP Upgraded Sights; 9MM; Millennium PT 140 Pro Cal .40 w/Box; Millennium G2 9mm NIB;  PT92 AF 9MM;

Henry: .22 Mag. Lever Action NIB; Cal .22 Magnum Lever Action Tasco Scopes; 357 Mag/.38SPO Lever Action Tasco Scope;  .22 Lever Action Nebraska 150 yrs NIB;  Golden Boy 22 LR Lever Action NIB; .22 LR Lever Action w/Original Box;

DPMS: 308 Cal w/CP Scope 2 Mags & Ammo & Case; N.E.F R 22 Ultra Mag 22 W.M.R.F; DPMS Cal Multi Mod A-15 New in Box; Mod. A-15 223 CP Scope & Target BRL; Mod LR-308 Cal .308 NIB;

Interarms: Mod 22 A.T.D Bushnell Scope 6×40;  MS71 .357 Mag; IMark X 30-06 Bolt Action w/Case;

Military & Other Guns: P.38 9mm Pistol; Rock Island Armory 45 ACP;Howa Mod 1500 .308 Win BSA Scope; German Luger S/42 1936 9mm w/Holster; Hopkins & Allen 12ga Double Barrel; Hi Point Mod C9 9mm Luger; Rock Island .22 TCM w/Ammo & Spare Mag & Case; WesternField 12 ga Pump; High Powered Air Rifle BSA Scope; New England Handy Rifle SB2 22-250 Rem; Norinco SKS 7.62×39 Weaver Scope; Desert Eagle 44 Mag Center Point Red Dot; Iver Johnson US Carbine .22LR; Issc M 22 .22LR w/Case; Excel Arms Mod. MP-22 .22WMR Red Dot Scope; Kassnar Imports 12 GA Double BRL Spain;Preduzecf 44 Mod 98 8mm? Rifle; Rock Island 22 TCM w/Scope; German Mauser 8 or 9 MM; Bushmaster Mod. XM15 223-5.56; Citadel M1-22 Semi-Auto Bushnell Scope; Norinco SKS7.62X39 Simmons Scope; IverJohnson 30 Cal. M-1; Heritage Rough Rider .22 Cal Combo NIB; Crosman American Classic Mod. 1377 Pellet Pist.;High Powered Air Rifle Foreign Made Bushnell Scope; Daewoo Precision VR/200 223 Cal. BSA Scope; Golden State Arms Santa Fe M-59 7.62mm Nato; German Luger P38 9MM; US Carbine Cal 30 M1; Whitney Arms Co. 38 Cal. Lever Action; German Luger M1917 9MM; US. Arms Co NY M No. 41 40 cal.;German Luger P39 9mm w/Holster; J Stevens 22 Short Visable Loading Pump Mod 70;Tauser Espanol Modelo 1893 Rifle Simmons Scope 7mm; German Luger P38 9mm w/Holster; BCD Mod 98 Bolt Action Rifle 8mm; Webley 45 ACP Revolver; Heritage Rough Rider .22 Combo Revolver NIB; Hammerli Arms Tac R1 22 LR NIB; Stag Arms Mod Stag-15 5.56mm AR w/Case; Erma-Werke Mod E M1 22 Germany .22; Beemen Sportsman 1000 Series Air Rifle; ISSC M22 Austria .22LR w/Case;; Stag Arms M15 5.56/223 Cal; Benjamin Franklin Pellet  M312; German BNZ M98 AS-IS 8MM Cal.; Beeman Sportsman RS1 Air Rifle; Hammerli Arms Tac R1 22 LR NIB; Walther P38 9mm Luger w/Holster; C.S. Shattuck Hatfield Mass. .32 Cal Revolver; Japan 8mm Pistol Made 1945; Mauser 7.65 German Pistol 8mm or 32 Cal.

All Purchasers of Firearms must have a Nebraska Firearms Purchase Permit or FFL.

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Tom & Casey Cornwell, Clint Mickey
Dan Muirhead


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